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Welcome to your first day 🤝 ...on One Last Job 👥
This one introduces the (prototype) game systems and interfaces you’ll find when you play One Last Job, our cyberpunk-fixer team management game!

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Null State News: ⚔️ Combat, 💬 Convos, ➡️ Events & 💼 Jobs
First off, how does it feel to have one game approved and ready to ship on Steam? How kind of you to ask, and thanks for stopping by to hear the answer -- it feels pretty great! I’ve launched a good number of games on Steam over the years, and
Finishing Another Round 🥃 / Starting One Last Job 📋
Stuck in the Middle with You Welcome, friend, to that time between time -- when one project is winding down, and the next project is still in pre-production, and you’d think it would be a bit of downtime but there’s actually still loads of work to be done (fixing bugs;
How to recover from a big, avoidable mistake... 😨
Hey, Lucas - I noticed Another Round didn’t release in March. Oops! Hey there - thanks for stopping by. So yeah, it looks like you already know: I flubbed up. How can you tell? Well, for one thing, in the last newsletter I said: Next month, I’ll come back and
How we made (most of) a game 🏋️ under a month!
Move Fast and Make Things Hey there! It’s Lucas, at it again with the Triple Eye newsletter! In February, we had three projects running at the same time: the Null State writers were hard at work on figuring out the overarching (and... underarching?) storylines; the Gumshoe team was busy putting
How we use datapacks 📦 to put players first
Last time you said we could play the games this month! Hey there! Lucas here ... You said we could play the games! Okay, yes, I know: at the end of the last newsletter I said ”...I expect I’ll have some news for you by the end of January...” -- and
Our Simple Plan for 2024: 🛥️ Ship, ⛴️ Ship, 🚢 Ship!
Happy New Year 2024! Hey there! Lucas here, and I’m so pleased you’ve come to visit us again. How about a recap? In September 2022, my daughter was born; just one month earlier, I had made it through a major surgery to remove an ultra-rare lung tumor. Those are the


A Closer Look 🔬 at Null State (Triple Eye Prototype #2)
Thanks for being with us again in 2023! Hello, friend! My name’s Lucas, and I am the owner/operator of Triple Eye Games! I’m happy to be writing to you again, continuing to bring you news about my team’s work - this time, I’ll be telling you about our progress
Null Sweat Prototype 🎭 (How Triple Eye Tells Stories)
Last Time, on Triple Eye... Hey there! It’s Lucas again; thanks for stopping by to read about what my team at Triple Eye have gotten up to in October! In the last newsletter, you got a better look at the redesign we’re planning for Project Gumshoe. I’m happy to say
Project Gumshoe’s 🕵🏿 Gritty Reboot
Revisiting “How It Started ... vs How It’s Going”! Hey there, readers! Lucas here. Starting this month, I’m trying a new format to keep the “email” part of our newsletter concise -- we’ll retain the more longform approach here on our website, though, so please let me know what you think!
...vs How It’s Going. 🙌 (Triple Eye’s 2023 so far)
How It Started… Hello again! Lucas here, back with more background! In the last Triple Eye newsletter, you learned a bit about me and the growing Triple Eye team. I shared some screenshots from our shelved projects (“Appleseed”, “Gumshoe”), as well as some initial information from our ongoing project (“Null
How it started… 💥 (Triple Eye’s origin story)
Firstly, thank you for wanting to know more about our history as a team. The fact that you’re reading this means the world to me!