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In Development

Null State

You are a hacker - a rarity in a world nearly destroyed by a cascading global systems failure. Prowl through networks node by node, disabling their security in risky turn-based combat, as you explore branching storylines to uncover what caused Obsidian Wednesday.

Another Round

Welcome to The Old Fashioned, the local spot for off-the-books biz. We’re neutral ground for folks from all walks - pink mohawks, black trenchcoats, mirrorshades, even corpo suits. If you've got money & intel to share, you've got a seat here. Can I get you another round?

One Last Job

Being a world-class fixer is about who you know: clients need discreet solutions, and crews want to see retirement. Then there's you, stuck in the middle with your rep on the line. Yeah, you're quitting the biz -- after one last job.



A roguelike narrative adventure with the feel of an old detective show: never staying too long in a scene, with one key character as the scene's focus, and punchy (often playfully witty) dialogue between that character and the detective.


A logistics simulation game about sustaining a network of interplanetary settlers while also spreading life across a dead, Mars-like planet.